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SDMS - Using the Logger (TraceTool) to aid development "Our SDMS main view takes advantage of routed events - we'll subscribe all button clicks to the UserControl_Click event handler.  <UserControl x:Class="MainView" &nb ..." Type: Post
Categories : CompositeWPF
Tags : factory, tracetool, sdms, compositewpf
CompositeWPF - Hijacking the Logger "For reasons that will become readily apparent I am replacing the default logger with TraceTool - the CompositeWPF documentation pretty much tells us to do it as follows in the bootstrapper: &nbs ..." Type: Post
Categories : CompositeWPF
Tags : compositewpf, logger, tracetool
About Me "You'll find me on Codeplex forums as BillKrat, aka Bill Kratochvil (pronounced krat-o-ville).  I am an independent contractor (MCAD.NET C#) who enjoys projects that w ..." Type: Page
CompositeWPF - Displaying Loading... message while form loads "Below we'll show how to display a loading message while we wait for our form to load - we'll display the form almost immediately. The QuickStarts \ Commanding \ App.xaml.cs has the ..." Type: Post
Categories : CompositeWPF
Tags : compositewpf, tracetool, sdms
MEF - CompositeWPF under one roof "MEF and the CompositeWPF both offer distinct and very valuable services.  MEF allows us to easily create Add-in components and the CompositeWPF makes it easy to decouple our services and views.&n ..." Type: Post
Categories : CompositeWPF, MEF
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